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Going out with mr. man for dinner...cause he abandoned me all cold and lonely to go camping on Friday. (I weave a good guilt trip yo)

Had mass amounts of fun none the less

highlights include
-dancing with meggers and mary at the westfort...
-who the fuck were those guys?
-spending an entire day at G,T,A & Mavericks, Tara woke me up, I went back to sleep...I got up I showered I went over there.
-cooking tasty tastys at aformentioned friends abode
-Tara cleaning her plate for once...bryce entering the room licking his plate *glow*
-Getting drunk with friends...
-going to the Fast Lane with Maverick
-Ran into Dawn, and Serge, and Jen, and Nick, and CHEESE!
-danced till I couldn't stand
-talked with Glen former Dj and Karaoke man from Jacks, was informed that I *HAD* to call him, number was input into cellular device
-Proceeded to Sit in Mavericks room drinking Bud until the weeee hours of the morning laughing, talking, and actually crying once.
-all was made better by peanut butter toast.
-going to the mall as Carlarard
-This will be my second outing in the past month to the mall dressed as a close male friend, make sure to ask me about my trip around town as Jp-Car...it's thrilling I swear

There are pictures proving my sojurn as Gerards short twin...and also human witnesses, in the form of Mom (Jeannie) Krysta, (Krysta) and Tara (Cute little Pygmy Girl)

Now...I should go get dressed before Adam gets here, cause I'm still basically in a towel from my shower. Though he (Adam) has informed me that I can stay thus, HOWEVER. Going out in public with nothing but a towel and a grimace isn't my thing...SO clothing I shall find :) plus its fall...I have to be SOMEWHAT practical

I also hung out with Kayla for a short while on the weekend. Helped the poor pregnant thing with some packing/moving things. And for my troubles was bestowed a computer desk that they had no room or need for and two pairs of boots. And we all know how joyous footwear makes me. But I digress (as per ususal)

She's SOOOOO ready to pop, you can see Brandon move sometimes. Eeeee Im excited. Kaylas going to be a mom, omg


album_love has me like panting with glee and sexual arousal today. someone finally put up all 3 LOTR discs...and a bunch of other crap thats filling out my massive Wants list.

Oh Ri my collection is getting so sexy, but I think I have a soundtrack addiction :S Any luck with Road Dog Divas yet? I'm still pining miserably.


I stepped out lastnight. Boredom, whatnot...but something called me outside. And there I sat on cold wooden stairs, able to see my breath in the night air, to watch the most beautiful ballet known to man.

The sky was alive last night, with crackling energy.

It was beautiful, it started dim in the north, a white glaze along the tree tops, and then a spire of green shot to the centre of the sky as I watched. And from there the lights pulsed and throbbed, performing thier masterpiece without any music known to man. I watched till I couldn't feel my toes any more, I watched till the ballet had come to a crescendo, a rippeling climax. And I had a front row seat, with the wind in the trees, leaves falling, and a babbeling brook as an orchestra.

And I realised that I was home again

I hate it when he goes home...

It's 2 am, he's gone...*streches* He has to work at 11 I'll forgive him, and it's not often that he doesn't stay. I just wanted more cuddle time. I'll be gracious and non-selfish and let him have sleep for tonight. no such graciousness in the future is promised however.

I'm not adversed to bondage for my personal gain. *evil grin*

juuuust kidding :)

LOL wow, all that was supposed to get posted like yesterday when Adam actually left, all text above this line was typed on sept 21

But yeah, I had a fun evening. Hung out with my buddy Mike from work, well...mcci. Sat around his living room ate McDicks and laughed our asses off at Grandma's Boy. lol if my gma partied that hard life would freakin rock, I've never had a curfew in my life except for the 2 weeks I was at her place when I was 18. I was like...."gma WTF? I'm old enough to go to the bar. *rage*"

Mike commented on my new hairdo, and my new piercing. Both of which I'm happy with. Oh yes, I dyed my hair, it now has black in it. very very subtle, yanno, it goes with Jp's new frosted black faux-hawk. :)

ne whos twas a good night for me, made me happy got to hang with my buddy that I haven't seen since July, always good times. "My grandma drank all my pot!"

rockin day

didn't sleep in
took a 6 hour nap
long meaningful conversation with Adam on dating, living arrangements, family, etc laughter, irritation, and warm and fuzzys all throughout
mindnight peanut butter cookie making spree with Tara
hilarious phone call with Adam whilst making cookies
lol found a song for future torment of Adam
laughed some more over the hilarity of a conversation I had with serenity about ugly penis' on the internet that Adam was privy too, and laughed for a good hour while it happened
declared that for him, I would give up my true love of peanut butter, because he's kinda deathly allergic to it (I eat it on raw veggies, by the spoonfull, in sammiches, by the fingerful, on crackers, in cookies, i fucking LOVE peanut butter)
bit gman and didn't even get hit for it...or yelled at, he's come to accept it as an inevitable event. Only took 5 years

i don't wanna go to sleep, I'm not this giddy that often...

when he talks and shares with me, I feel...amazing, he's not an open person, he's ridiculously shy. It takes him a month of hanging out with you to actually SAY stuff. He makes me feel special, and alive and confident. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow...but I'm not ready to give up today yet. I still feel too good


I called for you in the night
you were long gone
far away

I reached for you in the dark
and searching fingers found
Only soft sheets
closed around yeilding cushions

emotions, memories
I can still smell you on my pillow
tears fill
that empty space which you should occupy

doubts fill my head
my heart is still clinging to your name
arms around a pillow
wishing it were you

I feel as though a child
unprotected from the vastness
that is the night

If I fell to my knees calling your name,
would you pick me up?
Or leave me
whimper my love to the wind?



You Are An ENFP

The Inspirer

You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends.
You are also unconventional, irreverant, and unimpressed by authority and rules.
Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.
You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're qutie the storyteller!

You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist.

Adam and I were talking about that last night cause I was making him laugh with tales of May Long..


I get that shy guy to do THE most awesome things. lol, ahhh memories


After my summer of partying, and my longing to party hard right now. I'm in the mood for a silly movie, particularily A Midsummer Nights Rave, actually..I'm DYING to see it, and I can't find it to download it ANYWHERE. I'm losing my mind...It's time to go on a mad quest, I must own this riduclous film. Like seriously, it's BAD, but I love it to the ends of the earth.