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Tagged by [info]sapphire0221

List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre,whether they have words, or even if they're not any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your Live Journal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to

Irreplaceable - Beyonce
If Everyone Cared - Nickelback
Listen To Your Heart -DHT
Drops of Jupiter - Train
How Do you Do! - Cascada
Dear Mr. President - Pink
I Love This Bar - Toby Keith

Yeah...thats like half my drinkin mix...I'm in a huge techno phase right now...it won't stop...Benni Benassi keeps coming up on my playlist and I have to groove. It's sexellent...

I tag vistana, [info]bdsmcherry ,  [info]zodiacdragon69 ,   [info]scommissotaralynn8,  blagh, haumea</div>


Nov. 20th, 2006

cause lj client told me so HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!!!!

who knew this thing could be really useful...

Friends Only

This journal has become friends only

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ignore this...

Name of a song that I heard a long while ago and the lyrics and the artist...I've been questing for awhile

Sick Puppies - All The Same Song Lyrics

I don't mind where you come from
As long as you come to me
I don't like illusions I can't see
Them clearly

I don't care no I wouldn't dare
To fix the twist in you
You've shown me eventually
What you'll do

I don't mind...
I don't care...
As long are you're here

Go ahead tell me you'll leave again
You'll just come back running
Holding your scarred heart in hand
It's all the same
And I'll take you for who you are
If you take me for everything
Do it all over again
It's all the same

Hours slide and days go by
Till you decide to come
And in between it always seems too long
All of a sudden

And I have the skill, yeah I have the will
To breathe you in while I can
However long you stay
Is all that I am

I don't mind...
I don't care...
As long are you're here

Go ahead tell me you'll leave again
You'll just come back running
Holding your scarred heart in hand
It's all the same
And I'll take you for who you are
If you take me for everything
Do it all over again
It's always the same

Wrong or right
Black or white
If I close my eyes
It's all the same

In my life
The compromise
I close my eyes
It's all the same

Go ahead say it you're leaving
You'll just come back running
Holding your scarred heart in hand
It's all the same
And I'll take you for who you are
If you take me for everything
Do it all over again
It's all the same

big dreams

My only real goal in life

the only thing I really want.

Is to be the kind of friend. To be the kind of loving member of a family as my friends have been for me.

this is a tall order.

cause I have the most amazing friends ever :)

*le tear*

Ri....wherefore has album_love gone?

I lovededededededed it....*sobs* did they shut them all down. Doth Lj not love the shariest of sharing folk?

Lappe sucks

Labotomize me pleeeeeeeeeease?
Tonight is one of those ridiculous romantic whimsical moods.

It calls for scented candles, black satin, sexy negligee. A box of chocolates....some classical music...
and ridiculously smutty novels.

I shall now turn up the mozart, retreat into a haze of vanilla candles and strawberry body butter. And read about passionate embraces and trembling loins...

It promises to be a MOST enjoyable Girls Night In

Flu? Tummy hates me

Yesterday I went into work for an hour, my allergies were bugging me. To the point where my eyes were all watery, nose was runny, and my throat felt like it was going to close up. It was gross. Ne who, for some reason all this made me feel dizzy and nausous. Threw up.

I went home. Took a Loooooooooooooong nap of nappy amazingness. Hung out with Adam, watched a couple flicks.

He left so it was safe to have a peanut butter and honey sammich

I was still hungry...house lacked anything instant-ish....

So I bravely ventured to attempt the I don't know how old shepards pie in the fridge....took a bite it was stale tasting. Threw some more cheese and some garlic in there. Ahhhh taste bud bliss.


Never ever, ever EVER...I repeat EVER. Eat the week old shepards pie in the fridge. You will be up all night feeling gross, I did throw up again, no surprise. Mostly it was uh...bowl issues. Pooooor tummy still hurts and I didn't get any sleep. At least I'm not feeling like vomiting anymore. :) I think it will be a good day. I'm going to take a 2 hour nap. Then I have to stay up the rest of the day to get back into a normal sleeping sched. I'm far too nocternal as it is.

Also...aside from feeling kinda ill last night. I fucking HATE sleeping by myself. Adam is spending more nights over than he used to. I swear it's the only time I sleep like a rock now.

Applied back at YA today...yuck. Receptionist said the next training group is Tuesday. YA for all you who don't remember is a soul sucking pit of DEATH. Where you make a thrilling 8 dollah an hour.

Also applied @ The Great Canadian Bagel on the recommendation of Kryssie dearest. Spoke with Betty and Paul. They said they would give me a call, and I *think* I begin Tuesday. for training...this place is Min wage, but paul said they'll give me 8 dollah after my "training" period. Which sounds happy to me. It's 40 hours a week and NOT a call centre. Also not mcdonalds....and also I love bagels :)

Please let me even just *like* this place. I mean I can't POSSIBLY hate it more than a call centre.

There are also many positive variables. If I work there...I'll be eating there. It's relatively healthy...at least Iwon't be living on vending machine junk (ie; mike'n'ikes and potatoe chips), or McDonalds, or Chinese food. It's close enough that if I have 30 min for lunch I can whip over to the Pita Pit

Have I mentioned it's NOT a call centre? Obsessive hand washing is mandatory and accessible...no more perma-illness. You know from sharing a desk/headset with 300 people.

Oh yeah and I *heart* bagels.

Things to be slightly concerned about, lol they want me in at 7:30 I can do it. It's just going to suck. I may revert back to having to fuel myself on coffee and nicotine till 10 am.

constant working contact with Kryssie...will we kill each other? (j/k) I know she's going to kill me >_< jokes jokes.

Dear lord my stomach hurts. It's all empty and stuff. it really really really doesn't like me. I'm scared to eat :P lol mostly cause the only thing I can find is more shepards pie *shudder* 3 vomiting spells in less than 48 hours is NOT high up on my fav things list

Let the pen wander where it may...

The pen never lies,

I've said it before I'll say it again, if you just start to write and forget that your writing, the pen takes over, listens to your head and your heart. And cuts through the lies and facades that you create for yourself. Eventually all the masks are pulled away and what you've written is who you are, what you are.

Eventually...The Pen will tell you the truth.

The pen is mightier than the sword, the pen can cut through lies, and souls, it's the mightiest weapon I have against myself...

I've been dreaming again, or was Adam really here. This morning seems so long ago. I can still feel him, I can still smell him on my pillow. I'm reading what I wrote, the naked passion is terrifying. What scares me more is the feeling, what makes my cowardice shine is the love feelings that leap forcefully from the page to assault my senses and batter my already failing defence of denial...woe is me

What am I to do?

The penstroke never lies, the penstroke is the only thing I trust completley